Production House &Digital Agency

For companies, where the customer experience is online.

Our Process

3 steps to service

Step 1

We create

We capture stunning visual content to help companies showcase their brand, products, and services in creative ways to create emotional connections between their customers and their brand. See our production services for details.
Step 2

We distribute

Content is always created with a specific viewer in mind. We use social media & digital advertising to ensure the content reaches, influences, and engages specific target audiences. See our distribution services for details.
Step 3

We provide insight

We help you understand what impact our content & campaigns have had on the target audience & how they responded. We can tell you how many sales the campaign generated, how it improved brand perception, or provide you with information so you better understand your customers.

4 ways to pay us

Per Campaign

Pay as you go.

As a Retainer

The same amount every month.

Reward Pay

Reward us when we hit targets.

Per Result

Only when we hit targets.

What we do


We have a fully equipped team of content creators ready to capture stunning visual content for your brand. We offer the following production services…

Concept Creation & Planning




Voice Over




We have an in-house marketing team which distributes content to ensure it reaches, influences, and engages specific target audiences.

Social Media Marketing

Google Ads (Youtube/Search)



Website Conversion Optimisation

Strategy Creation

Campaign Creation


We aim to provide you with a detailed understanding, so you can judge the effectiveness of a campaign with confidence.

Targeting Strategy

Campaign Tracking Integration Pixel/TagManager

Google Analytics

Sentiment Analysis

Brand Awareness Reports

Consumer Profiling

KPI Reporting

Why Unieed?

We Don’t Just Create Content

We don’t send you a link with your content on and say goodbye. We use this content in digital campaigns which help you reach, influence, understand your customers

We Give Video a Financial ROI

Our videos push the boat out with creative concepts. But imagine understanding how many people became a customer as a result of watching a concept video. This is exactly what we can do!

Reward Payment Options

We put our money where our mouth is… We offer reward pricing options so if you want to achieve specific objectives, you only pay us when we reach them… Who else does that? *other pricing options available

Apply Now 

We only work with companies we love , and ones we are confident we can help. This is the reason why our campaigns perform so well. If you think your company would benefit from our services apply now and we will respond to your application within 24hrs.

Looking after you...

Joe Adsett

Joe manages the distribution and analytics team. He is here to ensure our content reaches, and influences the right people.

Jim Topliss

Jim heads up our team of content creators. He is here to turn great content ideas and into a reality.

Created by the folk at Unieed as a way to cut loose and push the creativity as far as possible, The WILD Project will keep on chasing the coolest cats around the world, and bringing the spoils back home.